Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Leave Me Hangin'...

It goes a little something like this...

Alexis and I travelled to California to photograph a wedding for the absolutely fabulous Lanie and Chris in Pioneertown on September 18, 2010. They got married on a dude ranch in the middle of the desert about 30 minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park. The day of their wedding love was in the air for both Alexis and I and it made us think even more about our future plans. It was about time I did something about all this talk, right?? So, the very next morning (September 19, 2010), I woke up and told her I was going to go for a drive and I was going to take some photos of the local sights. Well, I did NOT do that AT ALL...instead, I drove into town and found the closest jewelry store I could find. However, I did not take into account that it was a Sunday and it was in the middle of nowhere...AND...it was not even 9am. I finally came upon a small Mom & Pop antique and jewelry store and there was a little car in front. So, I assumed it was open. There was an adorable little team of two Sisters prepping the store for their BIG SALE!!! Within seconds of opening the door for me, I found the perfect ring for Alexis. I bought it, put it in my cargo pocket and waited for the perfect moment.

This moment came when we were in Joshua Tree. Alexis turned away from me to take a photo of some little critter or a bug or something...so, I fumbled around in my pocket to take the ring out of the box it was in, took it out quickly and hung it on a nearby branch. When she turned around, I told her that someone must have left something shiny in the tree over there. Her eyes welled up and she started crying since she knew what was coming. So, I took the ring from the branch, placed it on thee finger, and then I said "Alexis, it is about time we stop TALKING about this and start PLANNING"...she then said "but, I haven't said YES yet". Of course, I had to ask "Alexis, will you marry me?"

I think it is obvious what the answer was...

We will hopefully see you all at our wedding on October 1, 2011 in Wells, Maine. This is where we two will become one.

More details COMING SOON!!!

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